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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Junk Drawer

Thanks for tolerating my unannounced absense from the blog. I've been trying hard these last couple of days since Christmas to step away from the computer and do other things. I'm not a big fan of this time of year, inbetween an end and a new beginning. It feels like limbo land to me, and I hate limbo land. So, I gave myself a few days to decompress the year, to do other things beside sit on my duff and stare at 32 inches of artificial glow (oh, my lovely Mac, you know I love you).

One of those days I spent three hours cleaning our kitchen. An hour of that was spent cleaning out our junk drawer. Since it could no longer be opened or closed easily, it seemed it was time. You know you have one of these, everyone does. I think even Martha Stewart has one, though hers is likely much more interesting with great backstories for every item stashed within. I figure I proubably last cleaned out our junk drawer about a year ago - so the contents inside pretty much represent what gets tossed to the side of the road in a year of our lives. Looking at it that way, a junk drawer is pretty telling. And as I lined the items up on the kitchen desk, I couldn't help taking inventory. I'm not sure what it adds up to or what it all means, but I found it amusing. Here is a complete list of our 2008 "junk":

-Enough Culver's "Scoopie" points for two free custard treats. (!)
-A small bottle of magnolia blossom lotion from Bath and Body Works
-A tube of crazy clue (I can finally fix my kitchen shears now)
-A disposable mascara wand (?)
-An art eraser
-White out
-A maglite mini-flashlight
-$2.50 in Potowatomi casino chips
-1 box of matches
-My ipod from 2003 (that's right, first generation)
-A sheet of return address labels Hubby made (i've been looking for those!)
-A garage door opener (not for our house...)
-The adorable homemade dollar bill cufflinks Craig made for hubby as a groomsmen gift (those shouldn't be in there)
-The battery covers to two mysterious black plastic devices
-Two dog collars
-A blank christmas card
-A blank birthday card I remember purchasing for Hubby's Aunt and never mailed
-The adhesive for plastic window covering
-A post it note pad with a phone number written on it - no idea who's
-A spool of grey thread and two sewing needles
-Two u.s. calling cards, unused.
-The remote control for the outdoor snowman that Hubby's parents gave us the first winter we lived here
-Two keys that match, but I have no idea what they belong to (I'll bet Hubby does)
-Double stick-tape
-19 various pens and pencils (and yet, we can never find one)
-9 refridgerator magnets
-A miniature "7" billuard ball
-A receipt from Lucille's Rockin' Pianos for $27.21 (apparently I was a cheap date that night).
-A financial calculator
-Three different versions of Hubby's business cards
-Spare keys to Hubby's truck
-2 cent stamps
-A mysterious roll of exposed film (should I get it developed? I can't even remember the last time I shot film)
-A roll of tape
-Extra blades for a box cutting knife
-Touch up tooth whitening gel
- A night light
-A mini-crow bar
-A trailer lock
-Three markers
-Hubby's old driver's liscense (he looks soooo young!)
-12 free movie passes (still good! score! )
-A box of glow stick necklaces left-over from Craig and Jamie's wedding.
- 83 cents in change


jenn said...

Ohhh. Mystery film! Doooo it!

Monica Rae Gill said...

Thanks a lot. Now CFO says "I should do this!"


Melissa DiStefano said...

Sounds like a great start to an Wedding Emergency bag! I wonder if as a test you brought all that stuff with you to a wedding, that you could fix almost any problem!

Claire said...

Must not let hubby see this post. Then he'll think I should do this. Our drawers (yes, there are two) are AW-FUL.