I'm mthree. Those are my initials. Always have been, and thanks to a hubby with a "M" last name; always will be.

I've been a designer for over ten years, I was an animator and a filmmaker once, I was a bride before I was a photographer, I'm a new business owner, but I've always been an artist.

You can get a glimpse of where I've been, a better look at where I am and a peek at where I'm going right here.

You gotta S -T-R-E-T-C-H your browser window to see the BIG pictures...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Please Pardon My Dust...

I've been a bit light on posting this last week because I was working on a BIG Surprise.....


New year, new blog. This little ol' blog on Blogger has served me very well. But I needed a change, needed something more fun, with more features, more ability to move stuff around, and well, something overall sexier. Oh and something that let me post BIG pictures that everyone can see all of, without any clipping. All things that sadly Blogger couldn't offer me without an extensive education in html code. Never fret, this blog will stay up along with all of it's posts - but I'll be transferring them to the new site as well.

So, point your browsers to:


and join me there. Go ahead, update your links and blog readers, I'll wait. Go ahead, I'm waiting......Okay, are we good now?

And as a reward for the extra clicking today, I've got a new wedding post going up over there, as well as two other posts.

Enjoy the new diggs and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cake and Candles all around

Just wanted to take a quick minute to say Happy Birthday to the love of my life - Ken (known to all of you as "Hubby"). The picture above is an old one, but it demonstrates well how he takes the most ordinary moments and makes them funny. Just one of the many things I love about him.

He always gets super excited about presents (giving them more than receiving them to be fair) and somehow always talks me into letting him open early. Last night I compromised and let him open up his Birthday gift from Ringo (a membership to the Harley Museum), but told him he had to wait until today for mine. He slept in this morning and so there wasn't time before work and now I know it is killing him sitting at work and not being able to open his gift. Hee Hee.

Happy Birthday Hubby! Enjoy every last minute of your twenties!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I watched a portion of the "wedding bowl" on MTV on New Year's Day (hey, having firmly committed myself to loafing all day, the options were limited) as part of their "Engaged and Underage" show. I knew it was going to be laughable, but it actually just made me sad. Here were these couples getting married in the MTV studios in Times Square, mostly with family that disagreed, and with constant interruptions from one of two hosts who were continually contriving moments for the camera and forcing "how do you feel" comments out of the Bride and Groom. It just made me sad. To see the beginning of a marriage reduced to a half-hearted spectacle that gave it no reverence, respect or uniqueness to the couple. Shame on MTV.


Major props to Miss Champagne for featuring one of my engagement photos in her post about Winter Engagement Sessions on Wedding Bee. I love Wedding Bee and read it everyday, and it was all too exciting to be scrolling down and see one of my shots, and one by my friend Dave Jackson. I'm honored to be in the company of the photographer's work she pictured. Thanks Miss Champagne!


Last week was Wedding Week on The Morning Blend. I know I've mentioned this service before, but if you haven't taken the time to check out The White Box, you really should. Monica Gill (the owner of The White Box) was on The Morning Blend talking all about how the boutique can serve a bride and also about their new White Line - which is a number you can call with any wedding question at all and get an answer - totally for free (just like The Box). Check out her segment here to get a feel for it yourself. With a new year and I'm sure many a long to-do list in the hands of my brides - I urge you all to take advantage of The White Box. It really is a free, fun, and easy place to visit and get much of your wedding woes and questions worked out and answered. You will be so grateful you stopped in. Monica and Meghan are fantastically nice and beyond helpful - no sales pitch or pressure involved. If there had been a White Box while I was planning my wedding, I would have literally taken up residence there.


I've been monitoring comments on the blog here for awhile to guard against spam (which happens all too frequently) and I have a pretty open policy about what I let thru. I love comments, they truly make my day. I want the comment section of this blog to be an open forum for discussion. However, I will not post negative comments unless you have put your name to it. It is much too easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet. If you really do feel a certain way about something I can have respect for that, but only if you are willing to stand behind your words. The only exception to this is if your comment is hurtful to one of my clients - even with your name on it, I won't let that go through (this has never happened, but just to be clear). I just wanted to state the policy once and for all, so that everyone is aware because I received such a comment last week from "anonymous" and I didn't want the poster to think I only post "yeah for Molly" type comments.


The first Mthree wedding of 2009 is already in the bag. Hard to believe isn't it? Congratulations to Katie & Aaron who tied the knot at the Milwaukee Art Museum on January 2nd. Watch for the pictures later this week.


I finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon (thanks for that push, Monica) and I'm already addicted. You can tweet and follow along with me at : http://twitter.com/mthreestudio


I read this amazing story yesterday and was so moved. Here is this art student from the same college I went to, and he managed to pull of this amazing feat - getting two stateless women from Thailand into the states for a college education so that they can go back and help others in their country who are forced into the sex trade - and now it might all fall apart. I don't know if anyone out there can help them - but may you can, or you know someone who can, or you are willing to put the story on your blog. To Joseph Quinnell - you are an inspiration, and the real embodiment of UW-Steven's Point.


I know many are returning to work today after the many breaks of the Holidays. That is true for me too. Have a great week!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!

To: Carrie & Andrew, Stacie & Alex, Kara & Joe, Amanda & Andy, Macaire & Bill, Jill & Chris, Katie & Chris, Calie & Erik, Pagette & Jason, Julie & John, Sara & Brian, Emily & Jeff, Amanda & Curtis, Kristen & Griffin, Adrienne & Chris, Jena & Thomas, Lisa & Steve, Megan & Dan, Meghan & Kyle, Nicole & Justin, Jen & Eric, Carolyn & Greg, Stephanie & Jonathan, Maggie & Peter, Emily & Steve, Kim & Mike, Katie & Aaron, Becky & Alex, Erin & Dennis, Jennifer & Eric, Krista & Ray, Sarah & Corbett, Holly & Eric, Maggie & Steve, and Morgan & Jose -

Welcome to the year of your Wedding. May it be every bit as wonderful as you imagined. I am honored to have been chosen to share your day with you and I'm more than looking forward to what 2009 holds for each of you!

Happy New Year!

- Molly