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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deb & Tony | Wedding

This wedding was special for me in a couple of ways. First, it was my first Destination Wedding, which I loved, adored and couldn't have been more excited about the change of scenery for. Second, it was the marriage of one of Hubby's oldest friends, someone he has known for over twenty years, since elementary school. Third it was a most unique experience getting to know all of the guests for several days before the wedding, which made shooting all the more fun. I miss so many of them and all of their comedic antics. We also got to spend time with some of Hubby's friends who we hardly ever see, so that was a big bonus too. Oh yes, and it was also the first time Hubby got to actually assist me for a wedding, which was actually lots of fun. So, enough about how I felt about it, on to the story of Tony & Deb's wedding in Jamaica.

The wedding was held at the Sandals Resort in Montego Bay. Most people think you have to use the resort photographers if you are getting married at an all-inclusive - Not So! All you have to do is ask to bring in your own photographer.

Deb (like Racheal) is also an event planner in her professional life. Much went awry on this wedding day, but I think her experience helped her handle it with a cool, calm and happy demeanor. In the end they were married and everyone had a great time - what more could you really want?

Tony waiting for Deb, they did a first look:

We spent some time grabbing portraits while we waited for the minister...

A few minutes from the start time of the ceremony, and still no minster had been seen. So, Deb placed a call to the resort's wedding planner. I think her face in this shot says it all as she is told he is stuck in traffic...

So, guests had to be notified (as they were all sitting on the beach, and we had to rearrange the schedule a bit. But, he did show up and the wedding did go on, just a little later than planned. But the upside of that was some gorgeous sunset light.

Island tradition says to wave to a plane as it leaves. Since Sandals-Montego Bay is right next to the airport, we waved a lot, even in the middle of the ceremony:

I think this shot is hilarious. Tony's brother on the right is all zen, Pat is happy and attentive, and Phil, well, Phil looks worried. Hubby tells me that Phil always looks that way, and that it wasn't a reflection on the ceremony (just kidding Phil, you know we love you):

Look to the right in this shot and you'll see how close we were to regular sunbathers on the beach. There were 3-5 weddings a day on the beach, so you could watch them from your chair easily.

We also snuck in a few pictures before the sun completely set:

The reception was right on the beach too making for a wonderful, laid back party atmosphere:

Hubby took this one. That is his drink in my hand (one, I don't drink at weddings, two, I don't like pina coladas)

Mmmm... Baked Alaska, in a pineapple:

Tori and Guida, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist:

Possibly one of my favorite reception shots ever - does it get any better than a Bride leading a conga line in the ocean?

After it started raining, the party moved to the Piano Bar next to the pool:

Tony and Deb- I know I speak for both Hubby and myself when I say we were more than honored to be witness to your wedding. To see two friends come together amongst so much love warmed our hearts greatly. We wish you all the best in you future together. And a HUGE thank you for having us along to photograph your day!

Check out the slideshow for a shot of Hubby with four drinks in hand (there's one of the groom double-fisting it), a good recording of what too many fruity drinks can do, more lovely shots of the ceremony on the beach and of Tony and Deb before and after, some fun drunk/dancing shots, Hubby and his friends in a sing-along, the wedding planner who had the couple stab the cake, the cat who befriended Tony's Dad and Stepmom to the point where they let it stay in their room, the staff who joined in on the fun at the reception, what happens when I let Hubby change my camera settings (you'll know when you see it) and more island antics.

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Claire said...

The ceremony shot right before the waving picture (hilarious, btw) is stunning! Beautiful, Molly, all of them!